Microsimulation Model for Social Security MIMOSIS and EUROMOD

Decoster, A., De Swerdt, K., Maréchal, C., Paszukiewicz, A., Perelman, S., Vandenbroucke, P., Verbist, G. and Van Camp, G. (2009), Microsimulation Model for Social Security MIMOSIS and EUROMOD, Final Report Project AG/00/138 (MIMOD), Leuven.

In this report we describe the activities carried out under project AG/00/138 funded by the Belgian Federal Science Policy and how it builds on and further refines work done in projects AG/01/86 and AG/01/116.
The main objectives of project AG/00/138 were to further validate the microsimulation model for social security, MIMOSIS, especially by comparing it with other models and data and by use of MIMOSIS for evaluation of (hypothetical) policy reforms. One of the tasks of this project was to update the legislation to 2007, through updates of the parameter files and, where needed, adjustments to the source code. This also allows a comparison of changes in, for example, the fiscal burden from 2001 to 2007.